TessaTryst - Get Your Chubby Sister-In-Law Pregnant


TessaTryst - Get Your Chubby Sister-In-Law Pregnant
Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I know I told your wife I needed help with my gutters, but... that wasn't entirely true. Can I tell you a secret? My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, but we haven't had any luck. I don't think the problem is me, though. And you and him look so much alike. I do need help with something, just not my gutters... I was wondering if you would help get me pregnant. I'll just tell everyone it's my husband's. No one will know. I take off my sweater and show you my huge tits, to get your cock nice and hard for me. Soon we move over to the couch, where I strip and show off my big BBW body. I tease you with my ass a little before I lay back and spread my legs, ready to take your hard cock right inside of me. I can't believe we're really doing this! I can't believe my sister's husband is going to impregnate me. My big tits and soft, fat belly jiggle as I talk dirty to you about how I want you to explode inside of me, I want you to give me your sperm so I can get knocked up. After you blow your load, I tell you that you'd better get home to your wife soon! Keywords: BBW, fat, chubby, plump, MILF, all-natural, impregnation, impreg, role play, get me pregnant, sister-in-law, big tits, big ass, POV, virtual sex, hairy pussy, implied creampie

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