TessaTryst - Sex Lessons With Mommy


TessaTryst - Sex Lessons With Mommy
Now that you're about to move out on your own, there's something Mommy needs to ask before sending you out into the world. Sweetie, are you a virgin? Really? Well that's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. It just looks like Mommy needs to teach you a few things about sex... and this will be a hands-on lesson! I start by telling you about the most erogenous zones of a woman's body, and how her nipples will become hard as she gets more turned on. In fact, Mommy's nipples are a little hard right now. I take out my big tits and show you how I like you to play with them. Wow, I can see my nipples aren't all that's hard! It's okay, sweetie, take out your hard cock and stroke it for your Mommy. It turns me on how hard my own son gets for my big tits! My pussy is getting SO wet. Come here, sweetie, Mommy will show you how to lick it. As you kneel in front of me, I pull up my dress and spread my thick thighs to reveal my fat, hairy pussy. I spread my thick lips and show you how wet I am before telling you exactly how to lick. I can't help but moan at how good it feels. I can tell you're horny too, honey. There's just one more thing left to teach you-- let's go up to Mommy's room. I lay on my back and invite you between my legs. Now just find my wet hole with your hard dick and push it right in. I can't believe how good this feels! You're doing a great job, son. It's okay if you want to cum right inside of me. Watch as my huge tits bounce as you fuck Mommy's pussy and cum inside a woman for the first time! You'll love this if you like: BBW, fat, chubby, MILF, taboo, taboo roleplay, mommy, mom/son, virgin, first time, sex lessons, big tits, hairy pussy, virtual sex, POV, virtual pussy licking, dirty talk, implied creampie

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